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Foundation Crack Repair Process – Whitby Foundation Repair


Welcome to Whitby Foundation Repair, where we understand the headaches that come with dealing with foundation cracks, especially in the challenging Canadian weather. Our experienced team of experts has been providing top-notch crack repair solutions for over a decade, and we are here to help you safeguard your property.


The Power of Polyurethane for Canadian Weather


When it comes to foundation crack repair in Canadian weather, there’s no better option than polyurethane. Here’s why it’s the ideal choice:


1. Strong Adhesion: Polyurethane creates a powerful bond with concrete surfaces, ensuring a durable and long-lasting repair, even amidst extreme temperature fluctuations.


2. Flexibility Matters: Unlike rigid epoxy injections, polyurethane remains flexible, accommodating natural movements within the concrete caused by shifting soil and temperature changes, which are common in Canada.


3. Keeping Water Out: With exceptional waterproofing properties, polyurethane forms a water-resistant barrier, protecting your foundation from moisture and potential damage.


4. Comprehensive Filling: Our specialized polyurethane product can fill the crack entirely, sealing it from inside your house to the surrounding soil outside, guaranteeing a thorough and effective repair.


Why Epoxy Injections May Fall Short


While epoxy injections are commonly used for crack repair, they may not be the best fit for the Canadian weather. Here are a couple of reasons why:


1. Lack of Flexibility: Epoxy injections lack the flexibility to handle natural concrete movements caused by freezing and thawing in colder climates.


2. Moisture Resistance Concerns: Epoxy may not provide sufficient resistance to water penetration, which could lead to potential water leakage issues in the future.


Our Tried-and-True Foundation Crack Repair Process


Free Inspection: We kick off our process with a thorough and complimentary inspection of your foundation, allowing us to assess the extent of the damage.


Polyurethane Injection: Our team of experts employs our high-quality polyurethane product to carefully fill and seal the cracks, preventing further damage and ensuring a reliable and long-lasting repair.


Expertise You Can Trust: With over a decade of experience under our belt, we take pride in delivering precise and efficient crack repair solutions.


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Don’t let foundation cracks compromise the safety and stability of your home. Reach out to Whitby Foundation Repair now to schedule your free inspection and secure your property against potential hazards in the Canadian weather conditions.


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